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Censored Colors

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Portugal. The Man's newest album features fifteen fiercely transcendent vignettes. The band calls the collection Censored Colors - side one is a half-dozen single tracks, while side two consists of a long suite of compositions, segued together into one seamless presentation. The music materialized in January 2008 quickly, born from the band's ravenous creative appetite, many months of dedicated touring and their rare commitment to challenging songcraft, all set against a canvas of Seattle winter skies. They did it without outside financial backing and label support; content instead to rely upon their faith in each other, their music and the steady guidance of friends/multi-instrumentalists/producers Phil Peterson and Kirk Huffman (two-thirds of the genre-defying Seattle trio Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground).



1. Lay Me Back Down
2. Colors
3. And I
4. Salt
5. Created
6. Out and In and In and Out
7. Intermission
8. New Orleans
9. Never Pleased
10. Sit Back and Dream
11. Hard Times
12. Our Times
13. All Mine
14. 1989
15. Our Way

Sku: PORTE15300-CD00